POS Integration

CIS offers a comprehensive solution and has developed fully wireless handheld utility bill generation and collection device which access the core functionalities and services through APIs. This state-of-the-art solution leverages the improved customer service, lower costs, quicker and higher revenues.

The time has gone-by for the conventional systems working in silos performing a task in steps, Generating the meter reading proforma, collecting the meter readings and feeding back into the system against each identified unique consumer-id. Rather, the complete system has been replaced by a single person, single visit and single task for the consumer bill generation as well as the payment collection. This not only reduces the human effort involved but also minimizes the chances of errors and increases the transparency. The complete solutioning focusses on the enhancement of revenues.


The benefits of wireless handheld technology are fairly clear.

  • Doesn’t need to carry the stationary / hard copy printouts on multiple visits
  • Zero error in delivering the right bill to the right consumer
  • Saving paper by opting out for e-Bill only, through sms.
  • Higher chances of bill Payments
  • Can address consumer queries with relevant information
  • Minimized Printing costs
  • Ensured delivery on time