Business Process Automation / Workflow Automation

CIS in this technology-enabled automation helps small to large enterprises to streamline their businesses for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs. In our continuous effort to boost productivity, many businesses and teams have started using our expertise to decide and implement the advanced, reliable yet flexible and dedicated system for workflow management. Our team of experienced consultants enables clients:

  • To create and optimize workflow in an ideal way
  • Find redundant tasks
  • Automate work processes
  • Identify potential areas of improvement
  • Achieve new levels of efficiency

We at CIS provide end-to-end consulting services to choose you the right combination of Platform, tools, techniques and best industry practices to bring this solution to production such as

  • Manage work the way you want
  • Create custom workflows
  • Make task management easy
  • Define stages and move tasks into stages
  • Integrate workflow with every task list
  • Streamline repetitive processes
  • Allow creating and assigning tasks
  • Synchronize tasks in every stage
  • Follow up on tasks in the process
  • Adapts to changes along the way

Our Approach

  • Visualize and prioritize tasks – To get a clear view of work in progress in every workflow with defined stages, deciding who works on what. You can create custom labels to differentiate, prioritize, and organize tasks.
  • One place management – To create task lists, add tasks/subtasks, subscribe the entire tasklist or assign its tasks/subtasks to one or multiple people in one place. 
  • Seamless collaboration
  • Roles and responsibility-based access control
  • Individual task lists, and assignment
  • Progress tracking

We help you support and automate the entire ecosystem of business/team management to create a more efficient and optimized workflows.