m-Engagement Platform

Driven by increased adoption of smartphones and consumer willingness to engage with utilities through apps has increased the possibility of mobile based engagement platforms immensely. MEP are one of the tools to execute most of customer communication lifecycle these days. Modern MEPs are versatile enough to use every communication channel available such as push notifications, in app messages, SMS/MMS, email and social media. It not only personalizes the consumer online services but also refines user segmentation and distribute their messaging.


Product Key Features

  • Deliver bills, SMS, or messages on WhatsApp or email
  • Interactive templates with easy to add standard modules/custom application
  • Dashboard to capture all customer inputs and interactions on the page
  • Patented technology for identity management, personalization and delivery

“MEP are proven, futuristic Global Messaging Technology Solutions, helping in identifying right consumer channels, building long-lasting relationships, adding value and relevance in business marketing.”