Cloud Development

We offer modern cloud development services to increase your business agility, building and deploying new applications and computing solutions that can be operated entirely on web-based platforms. We leverage our experience working with all major cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and IBM Cloud to help organizations accelerate their transformation. Our offerings include custom cloud software development services enabling enterprises and technology innovators to future-proof their infrastructure investments and streamline the shift to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS business models.


We cover the entire spectrum of cloud development capabilities, helping our clients create a holistic strategy, migrate their applications and workloads to virtualized environments or refactor them for more efficient utilization of cloud-native services. Our Cloud specialists perform a thorough analysis of clients’ IT infrastructure before starting any development or migration, and help them build a clear roadmap to achieve cost efficiency, ensuring that all their business-critical requirements are met.

No matter the size and objective of your industry, our team helps you find the right cloud-enabled application development to operate entirely and confidently in the digital space. We offer our consulting services in:

  • Re-architecting your application – Achieve better scale and performance by migrating your applications from monolithic to microservices architecture or exposing their functionality via APIs. we help you develop cloud-enabled applications that let you and your team maximize your time efficiently, performing daily tasks easily and swiftly. Our knowledge covers the entire life-cycle of application development in cloud from scratch to a completely operational cloud solution
  • Cloud evaluation and optimization – Engage our specialists to evaluate your existing cloud infra, identify overprovisioning or under-utilized resources and obtain specific recommendations on how to reduce your overall cloud spend
  • Cloud migration and Integration – Cloud migration and integration is an often highly complex and essential process in cloud development. Our experienced cloud developers are ready to help you reduce your IT and Technology headaches and expenses. This is done by carrying out seamless integration and migration processes to either your public cloud or private cloud.
  • Cloud-native development – Unlock the full potential of scalability and flexibility of the cloud by building and running your serverless apps using fully managed services like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions and databases
  • Cloud Security – With the ever more advanced, increase in cloud threats, it's imperative to establish appropriate security provisions that can block unauthorized access, account compromises, and data breaches. We understand the need for robust security service for your cloud environment. This is why our services can help you protect your important cloud assets, providing full protection to users who access your assets. We expertly combine the strengths of your public and private cloud to make your future solution is secure, scalable, and reliable.