e-Document Manager

The e-Doc manager is an enterprise digital content management application. The target industry vertical for this technology solution is Government who intent to deploy e-Office to automate the office workflows. The complete solution comprises of 

  • Data Digitization / Scanning Services
  • Organization of content based on document type / category / department or User type
  • Data center creation on a Private Cloud (recommended) / on premise
  • Integration of document management processes into business systems and procedures

Product Key Features

  • Allocation of naming scheme for Unique Document Identification
  • Systematic storage scheme on cloud to store the digitized content
  • Data encryption and decryption for content security
  • Easy and quick e-doc retrieval
  • Privilege / Role based access of this digitized content
  • Centralized data access through data center
  • Multi-layout / view of the documents implemented using ICT policy

Facilities and Advantages

  • Empower you to conduct business in an orderly, efficient and accountable way
  • Quick managerial decision making, using document policy
  • Effective workflow performance in activities throughout the organization
  • Easy formulation of regulatory requirements including archival, audit and over right activities
  • Deliver services consistently and equitably
  • Continuity in the event of disaster

“CIS expertise into designing, implementing ad administering specialized systems for managing document across the organization.”