Smart Water Meters

Across the globe one of the most focused natural resource conservation is water conservation. So, is every Government has its initiatives to improve the infrastructural set up in terms of Pipelines and its distribution network. Further the biggest challenge is the high percentage (30 – 50 %) of non-revenue water, which is due to missing / weak / unmonitored water metering in urban / semi-urban populations.

CIS smart solution help the initiatives bring smartness into water distribution network as well as household basis accurate water consumption monitoring and billing based on actual accurate consumption. The solution offers smart ways to gather user data with minimal / no field staff for recording meter readings backed by the appropriate technology selection during the early stages of implementation.


Product Key Features

  • Ultrasonic Smart Meters
  • Long life due to high technology component in measurement chamber
  • Light weight, rotatable, convenient positioning of dial
  • Accurate and reliable device fitting
  • IP68 compliant
  • Also supports real-time web-based metering
  • Cloud-based online software and analytics

“CIS through our leadership, expertise and passion for partnership thinks forward in pursuit of a smarter solution by creating lasting value for the communities.”

CIS with its smart water metering solution tries to address apparent loss due to NRW, awareness to consumers for water consumption and wastage control. Smart water metering is an intelligent enabler for improving customer relations and optimizing operations. It is not only about quality management, revenue protection, asset management and non-revenue water but also about being able to make the right choices and the right investments too.