Smart Toilets

  • Water Conservation
  • Always Better Hygiene
  • Realtime Serviceability Alerts
  • User Perception Shift for Increased Usability
  • Optimum Human Resource Management
  • Central, Remote Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Strategy for a Sustainable Model

Product - Key highlights

  • Usability
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Policy Making
  • Hygiene
  • Serviceability
  • Water Conservation
  • Optimum Resource Utilization

Current Situation & Opportunity

The earth has less than 1% of drinkable water, an important natural resource required for human existence on the planet. The focus of every nation is to conserve water at all possible levels. In India the situation is graver and recently Govt has clubbed three ministries to form a new with a central focus on water conservation, cleaning, rejuvenation and sanitation.

To achieve these objectives Govt. of India is running campaigns and initiatives. One such popular campaign, promoting public awareness for cleanliness across country is “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan”. One of the objectives of this campaign is to preserve clean drinking water and control / minimize the wastage of clean water. Under this campaign, a lot of public infrastructure has been built in urban / semi urban India, that remains underutilized because of common perception of dirty public toilets oozing foul smell instead of planned cleanliness schedules, which further amounts to enormous drinkable water wastage.
“Transforming Data into Insights”
Secondly, this is an open secret that one of the major clean water wastages in Urban, even now in Rural India are household toilets, where lots of clean, drinkable water is wasted every day for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Ultimately, defeating the goal of open-defecation free India.

Need & Impact

There is a dire need to create consciousness among people about toilet  management. 

The AI based solution not only provides realtime cleanliness and hygiene status but also generate alerts for accountable service agents, hence driving usability for financial sustainability of underutilized infrastructure.

Our Approach

Exadata has an expert team of data scientists who have immense, myriad experience in consulting and implementing large e-Governance projects in India additionally across other industry verticals such as healthcare, tourism, human resources, insurance etc.