Social Media Management

In recent years we have seen how social media management can improve results drastically. These days, many companies have a specific person or team that manages social networks. But it might also refer to the tools and techniques used to manage your social networking, giving you a great deal of information that can help you gain more followers, become more relevant to the followers that you do have and both outgoing and incoming communications. It allows you to have a smooth and a working plan as to how you are going to post, respond to followers and the information these interactions provide so that you can use it to make your business better along with your marketing efforts.

We at CIS understand the importance of social media management for your business and our social media managers help you capitalize on the surging popularity of social media by creating and overseeing engagement, branding and marketing campaigns. And enables you to understand your competition, trends, grievances and potential consumers. We understand that being present on popular social media platforms and creating awareness for your brand, addressing consumer needs and problems, and monitoring competition activities and communication is a very time consuming and requires lots of expertise. And in this pursuit, we help you with our following tailor-made social media services.

1. Channel – specific services

Our social media consultants guide you and help you decide which social media channels are worth for you, which sites and apps can drive traffic as per your business needs, as well as what are most in demand for your competition and industry. For an example, Facebook is often the focus of social media campaigns, with more than a billion users – making it the most popular network. Other important networks range from Pinterest and Instagram to Google+, LinkedIn, or even Snapchat, depending on your audience.


2. Strategy framing

A robust strategy for the social media promotions is very important for any brand. Our extensive research helps our consumers to choose a right brand and content strategies with a focus on their goals and networks they need to address. We help our clients to carry out their strategy with an agreed editorial calendar.


3. Social media account/profile creation

We help our clients setting up on social media for the first time to start them off with our social media services, and then encourage and train them to benefit from social networks, digital marketing and perhaps even have some scheduled content to get started within the couple of weeks.


4. Content creation and publishing

Many of our clients look for content they can use on social media. We help them design and write their content they can use across multiple channels combined with analytics and data. For example, there are certain dimensions to be met for images on different networks, rules, and best practice to take into account. And of course, various types of text formatting to consider. The character limit on Twitter may have been doubled, but it still requires careful consideration to craft a tweet that works.

With our creative team we emphasize that the Social media content needs to be engaging and encourage sharing to help their brands spread the message. We help them make graphics or videos, writing social media posts or blog posts, and sourcing shareable content to share from other brands and sources.

Our services include publishing and posting this incredible content timely, keeping in view the time-zone considerations for different geographies and especially across multiple channels.

5.  Research and Analysis

One of the core areas that always remains under the focus in any of our service offering for the domain is research and valuable insight that our clients can drive for their businesses. This helps them spot their strengths and weaknesses which they can apply to strategize better. We help them identify the influencers they should be working with and relevant helpful information about their industry.

Through our social listening tool, they can track their campaigns as well as help them identify the hot topics, hashtags and most valuable areas of discussion.

Further, educating customers about relevance audit that can help take a closer look at details like the language a brand uses to communicate with its online followers. It also includes research into which social media networks the brand’s audience are using most and which brands in the industry get their voices heard more.

6.  Campaign and community management

Real-time campaign management is one of the services we offer to help them make the most of their social media strategy. By keeping the finger on the pulse, they can observe what the audience is discussing and help them create relevant content too. In a way, working alongside as our consumer’s marketing department as an extension.