The IoT based solution is one of its kind, completely and comprehensively capable of delivering the promised content in any geography with internet or mobile network connectivity. The novelty of the product is a single secure platform for delivering myriad information, be it text, image, audio or video in any geography at any point of time during the day. The solution is weather proof and is perfect for outdoor as well as indoor installations. The various components in the solution are connected through internet and the cloud-client applications are also accessible through mobile and computers at installation locations. The application has been made completely secure keeping best industry practices for data provenance, privacy and safety in mind. The various users are entitled for limited access based or their roles and privileges. One of the key highlights is the acknowledgement based system which ensures and confirms the delivery of content, if happened or not. Further the content to be delivered can be customized for different locations if need be.

Key highlights of the Solution

Digital Audio- Visual Content Delivery Solution
  •  Centralized content repository
  •  User friendly solution with ease of access
  •  District Head-Quarter based AV Data Center
  •  Geography based Customized content
  •  Scheduled content delivery
  •  Data security with assured delivery
  •  Minimal human efforts and logistics cost
  •  Remote device monitoring and troubleshooting
  •  Affordable maintenance services and cost

Need & Impact

There is a dire need to create consciousness among people about on-going pandemic as per the current catastrophic situation. Awareness is the only prevention and control measure as everyday new and evolved guidelines are being identified.

Faster the communication about these identified measures, lesser will be the loss.
“Transforming Data into Insights”

Our Approach

CIS has an expert team of AI experts and data scientists who have myriad experience in consulting and implementing large e-Governance projects and program implementation in India additionally across other industry verticals such as healthcare, tourism, human resources, insurance etc.

Our approach is based on best industry practices, technology and innovation for proven, verified, result oriented delivery.