System Health-Check & Diagnostics

CIS System Healthcheck & Diagnostic Services provide a technical assessment of your computing environment and are designed to identify the security, performance, configuration, and availability problems of your system before they might affect your critical operations and hamper business. Some of the important areas that our tools and services can gather the information:
· State of IT and level of optimization
· Static and dynamic information
· Operational procedures
· Application performance
· Level of customization
· Configuration information
· System performance characteristics
· System threats and challenges
Based on the various assessments we generate a service report of the resultant analysis and recommendations with the help of our system management practices. We also offer the advisory consultancy to review the findings.Our advisory service in system health check and performance management will help you in following ways:
· Allowing you to choose the optimal service fit for your environment
· Optimized applications & resources
· Optimized utilization of manpower
· Plan for future growth and expansion
· Uncovers performance, configuration, availability, and security problems of your system before they might affect your business operations
· Identifies and prioritizes system improvements to assist you in gaining control of your technology assets and increasing system utilization
· Improves your system management efficiency
· Complements your internal resources

About CIS

CIS IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a Business Consulting, Professional Outsourcing and Support Services organization. CIS focuses on simplifying business by integrating People, Processes and Technology. CIS delivers solutions that reduce organizational risk by enabling the best business practices using IT tools and services.